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Restoring a self-managed backup

I created an antlet using the Ubuntu 20.04 KVM template.  Did a bunch of work on it then created a self-managed backup.  All went fine.  Then I messed it  up and decided to restore the valid backup to a new antlet.  That worked, but when I looked at the General Tab of the restored antlet the line "From template" showed the string "- - LXC" rather than the template that was used to create the original antlet (Ubuntu 20.04 KVM).

Also appears that the KVM attributes were not re-created, but I can't say that for sure.

What does this all mean??

Hi Peter:

I was performing some testing performing Backup and Restore using Self-Managed Storage.
From looking at our instructions, I did see that you have to specify the type during the restore "KVM" or "LXC":

See attached screenshots for examples.

Thank you,
antsle Support

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  • restore_restore_choose_kvm.jpg

Hi Peter:

I am seeing the same behavior of "From template".  See attached screenshot below.
However, my Ubuntu KVM test antlet restored and started up successfully.

I will share this behavior with our developers.

Thank you,
antsle Support

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  • from_template_lxc.jpg
  • test_restore_successful.jpg

Thanks.  I didn't use the restore from self managed, just a plain restore.  I'll try this again.  I'm sure it will work.



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Hi Peter:

Thanks for the update and information.

From looking at the details, it appears we are seeing the same behavior with Cloud Backup and Self-Managed Storage.  I will share this updated information with our developers.

Thank you,
antsle Support