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Resize Virtual Drive does nothing

I have a Windows 10 virtual machine that started with 80 GiB size. I want to resize the virtual drive to 160 GiB. When I enter the new size and click the green check mark I get the pop up message asking if I really want to resize the drive. I select Yes and am returned to the prior form and nothing happens.



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Hi @scolberg,


Strange I can't seem to replicate the issue. Is the antlet stopped?

I have tried both with the antlet stopped and running. Same result.

I still can not resize the drive from within Antman. I was able to do it from the command line instead.

I have the same problem.  But only on some antlets (I've only tried to do it on Windows antlets).

If I create a brand new Windows antlet, I can resize it.  But on one of mine that's been running a few months, it doesn't do anything through AntMan (even when the antlet is stopped).

I've done it successfully through the command line.

For those who are having this problem, Google gave me an answer.  This MUST be done at the console, so either ssh to your antsle, or use the console from the antman GUI.   Type the following command

qemu-img resize image.qcow2 +SIZE

where 'image.qcow2' is replaced with your fully qualified image path and  '+SIZE' is whatever size you want to use like the following:

qemu-img resize /antlets/lion-o/Windows10.qcow2 50g (for a 50GB size).