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Renaming an antlet via cloning and promoting

I want to rename one of my antlets. I understand this is not possible, so I cloned it and gave it a new name. However, how do I remove the original one? When I try to do this, it complains that the cloned antlet is still dependent on it. How do I promote the clone so I can remove the parent?

Hi colin,

You need to promote your new zfs filesystem of the cloned antlet in order to delete the old one:

zfs promote antlets/clonedAntletName

This way, the source antlet is not longer a branch of the filesystem, but a leaf (and the cloned one, becomes the parent origin), and you'll be able to delete the source antlet using antMan as normal.

Let me know if you need any further instructions!


Yup, that worked. Thank you very much.

Might be nice to add this to the antman UI? I can't be the only who wants to do this.