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Redmine Freedomcast issue

BLUF (bottom line up front): how do I get Redmine to work after the Antlet is restarted?

Bernie did a great job with the tutorial on how to install Redmine in the debian 10 lxc. It was easy to follow and he showed all the steps it took about an hour to get it up and start populating data in Redmine. I just received my first Antsle One D yesterday and it was the first thing I did on it. I was playing around and made a snapshot and then cloned the Antlet from the snapshot, started the clone and attempted to access Redmine, the browser gets "refuse to connect" but I can SSH into the Antlet. I then stopped the original Antlet and started it back up and it did the same thing, can SSH to it but can not access the Redmine web page. I have port forwarding configured correctly and accessed the Redmine interface (s:192.168.x.x:8010 d:Redmine:80).

I am completely new to the Antsle and only know what Linux looks like. Any help that could be provided would be appreciated.