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Quick Guide to SSL Wordpress Antlet and Antsle Reverse Proxy set-up

First phase it set-up the HTTP to Antlet on the Antsle by following the following instructions documented by these links;

Second phase is to install WordPress (WP) and all the dependency needed to run WordPress. There are enough internet sources for the instructions to do based on your prefer stack.

Once WP installed the best way to generate the SSL certificates is by using the WP encryption plugin in the WP Admin. Just following the steps of WP encryption the free plan will generated the three ssl certificates files download these for configuring the Antsle. Before configuring the SSL on the Antsle, make sure you update the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) from http to https in Settings - General; save the changes and exit WP

Third phase is to configure the SSL for WP on the Antlet by following these instructions;

  • Remove the conf file for HTTP to Antlet;
  • Merge/Concatinate  the xxx-cert.crt with xxx-cabundle.crt to a new .crt file, made sure there is newline between content from both files.
  • Deploy the newly created .crt and xxx-key.pem onto the Antlet
  • Create the HTTPS to Antlet by following the instructions documented in this link;
    • Comment out the following line into to get conf file loaded;
      • proxy_cache            STATIC;

Restart nginx on the Antlet, it is possible that WP site is not loading due to too many redirections; just following the instruction documented in this link;

After this SSL for WP should be working, in the WP Admin finalise the last step for WP encryption by clicking on Enable HTTPS

If you are using Apache as the web server on CentOS 7 for WP then you can following these instructions to harden Apache;

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Hi @nike

Thanks for sharing this detailed guide for setting up SSL Wordpress and Reverse Proxy!