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Question About Backups

For sure I am missing something. But my understanding is that each antlet is dependant on it's template. So an antlet won't function if the template it was created from is somehow removed or I have that right maybe not?

I'm asking because I'm a little confused about cloud backups, if I backup an antlet, what use is it if I don't have the template it was created from.

I'm sure I missed a step somewhere.



Hi @sean-rearviewmirror, all backups taken after 2.1.0c are independent from templates. Are you having issues restoring such kind of backups?

No Problems, Just trying to understand what I am actually doing when I make a backup.

Just so I understand correctly, when I make a backup, I can restore from the backup if the original template is somehow unavailable?


@sean-rearviewmirror: Yes you can, long as you take the backup in antMan `2.1.0c` or greater.