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python process under backup user

So today I noticed on my Antsle "python" running (no parameters I can see) under the user "backup" (which I don't recall creating).

It is using 6 of my 16 CPUs according to top (all 6 pegged at 100%)


I'm not doing a backup at this time (via Antman).

Anyone else see something like this?

If I kill it, it starts up immediately.

If I restart the antsle it starts up immeditately.

I su'd to the backup user and can't tell how it's starting.

It is weird that under backup's home dir there's this dir: /home/backup/.ssh/.python

That contains 1 file ".python" that is some kind of binary or something (vi'ing it shows gibberish, but does start with "ELF" at the beginning).

Anyone else see this?

This is on an Antsle One XD


OK so maybe I created the backup user... (can't actually remember).

Maybe I got hack-ed somehow...  My ssh server is accessible via the internet (I left it port 22 since it's not hard to scan ports to find non-standard ones).  But maybe I had an easy password for the backup user?

Anywho, I disabled the backup user (commented out its line in /etc/passwd) and killed the python process.

It hasn't come back.

Security lesson #347

I think I'll remove ssh-ability from all users and rely on keys.

@lancem I ran this by one of our devs and he thinks it's possible you did get hacked if you left that port open.

Yes.  After this happened, I restricted my logins to ssh keys only.