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Power Supply or Motherboard Issue

I have a fairly old Antsle that's been a very reliable and trouble free unit until now.  I came in and found that none of the VM's (nor the Antsle itself) is pingable.  Upon investigation I found the following:

  • Red power light on front panel on
  • Yellow light on front panel blinks about once a second (when it's on, the red power light dims slightly)
  • Link lights on all Ethernet ports on the back also blinking about  once a second
  • No link lights on Ethernet Switch on the port(s) going to the Antsle

I've tried unplugging the low voltage power connector on the back of the Antsle. waiting a while, and reconnecting it.  The flashing behavior begins immediately and continues without stopping.

This kinda looks like a power on initialization of the motherboard that's failing.  It's not blinking a "code" pattern as I've seen some motherboards do when they're very sick and won't power on.  This is just a regular flash of the lights mentioned above, all in unison, about once a second.

Anyone know - one way or the other - what this could be?  Is repair service available (for a fee) for old Antsles?  I have two VMs on the box that I'd like to recover.  I have ZFS dumps of both VMs, and a .tgz of /etc/libvirt - both stored on another device as a backup.

Thanks in advance for any information...


Tim Pearson
Long time Antsle user

Hi Tim:

Thanks for posting about the issue that you are facing.

As a good first step, we would recommend trying another Power Supply for your antsle One (if you have not already done so).
Sometimes replacing the Power Supply fixes the issue, and you can order replacement power supply below:

Power Supply – Antsle one Series

Another troubleshooting step would to plug in keyboard and monitor so we can see what is happening (if you have not already done so).

For the initial diagnostic fee (that will be applied to repairs) is $200.

I would recommend contacting our Support but I see that you already have.  We will continue working with you on the ticket that you have created.

Thank you,
antsle Support