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Port Forwarding in new Antman 2.1

When I add a port forwarding rule in the new antman (and then enable it), it doesn't seem to work.

For example, I'm forwarding port 32400 to my plex antlet's port 32400 (both tcp and udp to be safe) so I can access it via the antsle URL (I assume that's how this port forwarding works).

Do I have to restart something? Antman? Nginx? The Antlet? The Antsle?

I'm having the same issue @lancem . @admin any info here? --- I'm having this issue with antman 2.2.0d

@scho228901 and @lancem,

The port forwarding rules will forward traffic from a specified port on the antsle to a specified port on the antlet. However, since antman doesn't access antlets directly (i.e. ssh into an antlet and change its firewall rules), you'll need to make sure that the destination  port on the antlet is accepting traffic. Tools like firewalld or iptables help to configure and enforce these rules.

Example of firewalld configuration:

Example of iptables configuration: