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Popups stuck on...

Toggle for Popups are stuck ON for Disk and NIC creation.  Will not toggle off.

Rebooted antsle.  Tested in Chrome and Edge with same results.
Also tested with IP:3000 and with same results.

The toggle for "Show guide after create Antlet" still functions as does Cyberlab Mode toggle

On Disk creation if select "Don't show this again" it toggles the popup to OFF.
Nothing seems to help the NIC popup since there is not an option to not show this again.


Uploaded files:
  • Popups_Stuck_On.jpg

Hi spollock:

Thanks for reporting this bug.  I'll report this to our developers.

Curious if anything has been done on this. The CyberLab pop us is literally preventing any kind of serious work. It pops up and it doesn't matter what I click it comes back every second while in the dashboard. Also there is no option to toggle it off in Antman.

Hi benkennedy13:

This issue should have been fixed in previous antMan release.

Can you perform an upgrade-antman and let us know if the problem persists?


It is still broken. AM 3.3.1  Cannot turn off the popup switches.

Hi spollock and benkennedy13:

Thanks for letting us know about the popup switches.  This has been reported and a known-issue.

The CyberLab pop-ups themselves should have been fixed in antMan release.

Are you still getting the pop-ups after doing an upgrade-antman?

Please let us know.

antMan 3.3.1 is the latest? Correct?  Then YES it is still broken.

Even re-ran upgrade. Still on 3.3.1  and YES it's still broken.

Are you still getting the pop-ups after doing an upgrade-antman?

Please let us know.

So I am letting you know... again.... and AGAIN.  YES IT IS STILL BROKEN.

Hi Stephen:

Thanks for the update.  I'll update our existing ticket for this.