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Options for using Docker on antsle

Docker is a service running in edgeLinux - so I get that you can spin up a docker container e.g. hello world.

Now what if I want to do something more persistent e.g. run a mongo database service?

  • I will need to modify the edgeLinux setup so that it starts etc whenever the antsle boots - so what is the guidance on what can be modified and keep the edgeLinux supported e.g. startup scripts?
  • how do you expose the edgeLinux docker container running mongo to an antlet VM so that they can use it?

Alternative is to run docker in an antlet - and make that the database service in this example

  • do you have to install Docker inside the antlet (this is explained well in this post)?
  • or is there a way to configure the antlet so the underlying edgeLinux docker service can be presented for use in the VM?


that's the way that I did it .. I am using Podman on a RHE antlet. have not had any issues that I can write about .. I am running a flask app that talks to PSQL server running on that same antlet.