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# of connections to anthill in 1 day

I use OpenDNS as my DNS settings in my router (so all traffic goes through it) and noticed that, every day, there are over 3000 connections (or pings or whatever) to

I know it periodically phones home, but isn't that excessive?

I mean, is second with 2300, but I have 3 computers with chrome on them and all of our phones (3) are android.  So I'd expect alot of communication with

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Hi @lancem,

By default, your antsle will ping antHill each 30 seconds. antHill is fully optional. If you don't need any of its features, such as instantSSL™, you can disable it; to do so run `service anthilld stop`.

@lancem, forgot to mention that we do plan to change anthill daemon to use a message broker instead of http polling in the future.

Ah I didn't know it was every 30 seconds.  That works out.