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No signal on VGA



My antsle is working well,  I can connect to the different antlents via the lan and all looks good

I need to connect external USB drive and change the bios settings not to boot from the external one

I connected a USB keyboard and a VGA to HDMI cable but I didn’t get any boot screen or signal on the VGA  / HDMI

IPMI is not accessible via the LAN,  I don’t see an DHCP lease for any unknown MAC address  or to the br0 interface

how do I get to the bios?

Any idea why I’m getting any signal on the  VGA -> HDMI ??



Hi Nadigo:

You should be getting signal from VGA port.  You should also be getting an IP Address from IPMI.

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] so we can work with you on this issue.