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No Longer Able to Find myantsle.local

Hello- I was able to find myantsle.local (Nano) just fine for about a week on my Windows 10. It now has stopped showing up. I can access Antman by going directly to the IP address but for some reason this seems to prevent my SSH (may be unrelated?).

I've tried, FireFox,  Chrome as well as an IE browser. All have the same problem.

I've install Bojour services. The Windows Network Diagnostics utility finds nothing.

Any thoughts?


Hey @mike-l!

In antMan, can you check under `Services` if the avahi-daemon is running? If not, please start the service and try again.

Also, did you recently change the name of your antsle? For example, if you changed the name to mynano, then you'll need to use mynano.local instead of myantsle.local.

For debugging, you can always try running `ping <antsle-name>.local` from the command-line of your computer and see if that resolves to the correct IP address.


I checked my router to find the ip address that was assigned to the Antsle. Then I navigated to that ip address at port 3000 via Chrome. I am able to log into antsle that way. I also set a hostname in my /etc/host file on my desktop to point to that ip address so that I could ssh into it. I realize this is probably too late to do you any good, but it may be helpful to someone coming along in the future.

I am still having this issue as well (edgeLinux 2.0 on Antsle XD). I initially, I could not get the antletsl service to start. I saw this post and installed the missing software.

Everything is running and myantsle has been renamed to tiberius. I cannot ping tiberius.local from my laptop.

I am not sure what Antlse's implementation of avahi is. Is that documented anywhere?

How do you suggest I debug this?