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New Antsle-D, a challenge to initialize

Received my 2nd Antsle-D One and had quite the time getting it launched;

  1. Initially, it never acquired an IP address; therefore I was not able to take the easy route of registering via AntHill
  2. I had to connect a screen and keyboard....
    1. managed to monitor its boot process
    2. once it came up; taking quite some time I performed a grace-full reboot
    3. 2nd time it came up, finally obtained an IP address
  3. After registering with Anthill
    1. logon to http://myantsle.local resulted in a page that only allowed me to create an antlet most of the usual dashboard was missing
  4. logged onto console via ssh and performed and upgrade

Now that I completed an upgrade the usual antMan portal is displaying correctly

not sure what happened, but it did require a bit of nudging to get everything working


Helping directly in support for this 🙂