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Nano missing templates


Just got my Nano and I am missing a bunch of templates.


Please help

Hi @drcrash1!

By default, your Nano should come with two templates pre-installed; centos7 and raspbian. There should also be three more templates available for download: fedora31, ubuntu18.04 and ubuntu19.10.

Could you tell me which of those are missing?

PS: We're working on releasing more templates for the Nano asap, so stay tuned😉

@drcrash1 - just to add some more background here, since the Nano's CPU is based on ARM architecture it has a different set of templates.

Im sorry, I was under the impression that there were more templates including windows templates

All good - is there a specific template you'd like to see on the Nano?

Quote from Marc Baum on February 7, 2020, 12:27 pm

All good - is there a specific template you'd like to see on the Nano?

For me, my Nano is scheduled to arrive Monday, Feb 10th. In the meantime I was planning out my installation based on Debian.

off topic, but my nano came with "instructions" to a webpage that is not there ""


The correct link (thanks google for crawling it)

@mpbaum Raspian KVM 


I may just import one..


I am trying to get a ubuntu 16 template.


Are you looking for ubuntu 16.10 as LXC or KVM?