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My Issue with Antsle

So I bought the antsle to learn how to manage and configure linux VM and Container based infrastructures and for the past couple of months it has been literal hell!

I have not been capable of achieving simple configurations using the antsle for unknown reasons, that I have been able to achieve on a secondary hardware server. This might just be me, but I believe that the docs should be extended to explain some really important things individuals like myself would like to achieve.

Here are a couple of issues, I believe should be documented on how to either achieve or fix:

  1. How not to forward all HTTPS requests to Antman( login page.
  2. How to configure HTTP/HTTPS request on antlets, without constantly playing with Antsle virtualhost.
  3. How to make proper ports/proxy forwarding.
  4. How use SSL certs contained within antlets and not the one within Antsle.
  5. Users such as myself which to use our domains and not
  6. How to Install Certbot on Antsle.
  7. How to properly update Antsle Gentoo Linux version.


Hi Harvey,

I most likely have a different use case than you but I did feel the same pains you're describing.

Due to a horrible cable modem from my ISP, I was forced to install an antlet to handle DHCP and DNS for my home network 10.0.0.x.

So I completely ignore the 10.1.1.x and the avahi bonjour thing. All my antlets have a secondary NIC on the 10.0.0.x. Once I create an antlet I copy a generic /etc/network/interfaces file from one of the antlets into the new one, even before they are started (/antlets/xxx/etc/network/interfaces where xxx is the antlet name)

From here most of the stuff seems to fall into place, I have 443 and 80 open on my cable modem pointing to the antsle, where nginx takes over and redirects/proxy into the other vm's and services. The Ngix setup will always redirect to https.

SSL is somewhat hard to administer since I haven't figured out a way to install Certbot on the antsle itself. I tend to have Certbot installed in all of the vm's and do a lot of copying files into the antsle for the Nginx. It will be hell when renewal time comes.

I am not experienced with Gentoo Linux and have limited experience with the other more popular flavors such as Unbutu and Debian (all my vm's are those) and in my opinion, Gentoo was a poor choice.

I don't use the port forwarding on the antsle, if I need to, I create SSH tunnel from outside the network.