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Moving a virtual drive from one antsle to another

This probably isn't an anstle issue so much as Linux/zpool/zfs.

I added an external USB drive to my antsle (with a zpool just for it).

In one of my antlets, I created a virtual drive on that USB drive.  It created an img file for the virtual drive.

I copied files to this virtual drive in the antlet.

I then connected this USB drive to another antsle.

I imported the zpool succesfully.

I then went to an antlet on this second antsle, clicked add virtual drive, used the import option and put the path to the img file.

It then started to convert the img to a qcow2 file.

I cancelled that, renamed my img file, created a new img file with the original name (through antman), then when this was done, deleted this new blank img file (of the same size) and renamed my original img back.

The antlet now has the proper virtual drive (with files), but was there an easier way I could have done this?


So I think I could have used virsh edit antlet_name [or virsh -c lxc:/// edit antlet_name for lxc antlets] to edit the definition and add the existing img file as a virtual drive.