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Memory allocation Static or Dynamic

When creating an antlet, windows or other, is it created with static or dynamic memory?

I haven't been able to determine one way of the other.

Reason I'm asking is that I have an application running on Windows 2016 server, have 12Gb allocated to the antlet, 6gb allocated to my application.  When I hook up jvisualvm to the application shows it has 6GB allocated but seems to only use 2gb.  When it finally starts using more than 2Gb...grows to 6Gb then app restarts.

I've seen similar issues when its using Dynamic memory.

If the antlet is using dynamic memory how can I make it static memory?





@Kray did you ever get an answer to this question? We would like to know so that we can manage our environments better.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, an interesting question that I would like to hear the answer to, sooner rather than later.

No, Never got an answer.

If I do, will definitely post on here to share the knowledge.




It sounds like the Virtio Balloon driver might be causing this "dynamic" allocation?

You can check if it is installed by going to Device Manager and looking under "Other devices".

This describes some changes you can make to your domain's XML file (using virsh edit {antlet-name}):


Before you edit your XML, I suggest doing a backup:

virsh dumpxml {antlet-name} > {antlet-name}.xml

If it's an LXC, then use:

virsh -c lxc:/// dumpxml {antlet-name} > {antlet-name}.xml





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