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Master reset of antsle without root access?

how can someone reload the antsle back to factory defaults if you do not have the root password?

any way to load a safe mode from the console and reset root?

Found an article about booting gentoo with boot option of password=root

i don’t suppose that will work?

Hi ac9hp,

If you have antHill connected, you can reset your password through the antHill web app. If you don't have antHill, there's an alternative method using a USB stick. Let me paste the contents of the guide here:

The key to changing the root password is a bootable Linux USB stick. It can be any distro you like, e.g. debian. A basic version (without GUI) will be just fine. For example, you can use SystemRescueCd as USB stick:

Once you have your bootable USB stick, then connect a VGA and USB keyboard directly to the antsle and boot it from the stick.

When you’re in the Linux shell, booted from the stick, with root privileges (use su or sudo if needed) go ahead and issue an “lsblk” command. It will list you a couple of disks. Find the one that FOUR partition, e.g. /dev/sdb1 … /dev/sdb4. There should be only one that has 4 partitions, could be sda, sdb, sdc…

Then mount the third partition, e.g. /dev/sdb3. Assuming sdb is the one with 4 partitions, the commands would be:

mkdir -p /mnt/rt
mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/rt

Then chroot into it:

chroot /mnt/rt /bin/bash

Now use the passwd command to change the root password:


Type a new password two times.

Then do


to leave the chroot. Then

shutdown -h now

Remove the stick, boot the antsle again.



Thanks for the response.  I did receive the same response from support and it worked like a champ.

I then had to upgrade the Antsle and lost my ability to connect to the AntHill.

I have a support ticket open to see if I can resolve my antHill connection.

disregard the last message. it was my router blocking access... thanks so much for your help.