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Look into better shipping options for Canadian customers

Hello, would you consider looking into better shipping options for Canadian customers?

I just got whacked by a huge surprise bill in the mail from UPS for the antsle nano I recently ordered from you guys.

I never even had a chance to choose the shipping company I would use (which seems to be what some internet commenters ignorantly think buyers should do, according to my google searches, as if they always even have a chance to), and now I am being whacked with a $95.08 CAD bill from them. Only $26.94 CAD is actual sales tax (13% Harmonized Sales Tax), and then $54.30 CAD is Entry Prep Fee and $6 Bond Fee, and then 13% HST on that too of $7.84. Considering also that I originally only paid $17.95 USD for delivery (or about $25 CAD) at about a 1.39 exchange rate. This on a small little item that is 2 pounds.

I think maybe anstle isn't aware that UPS is screwing over Canadian customers on their brokerage fees!

If one just considers not the HST, but the $54.30 CAD entry prep fee + $6 bond fee and the HST on that which is caused by their own charges, that's $68.14.

That $68.14 is about 2.7 times what I originally paid for the shipping and about 28% of the order I made, which is on top of the 13% HST I have to pay anyway, for 41% altogether. If you add the shipping cost to that portion and not in the portion of the price of the original order, that goes up to 56%. Then also consider all that has just the portion of the original antsle nano itself and not the first month of antman essential subscription, the percentage I have to pay altogether for shipping all combined was 58% of the cost of the item!


In the meantime, I don't know if this is of any help:

I ordered my Antsle device over a year ago.  I was at the "buy" step when I noticed that it was to ship via UPS.  I stopped at that point.  Subsequently I had a long discussion with Antsle about the problems using UPS poses for cross-border delivery for Canadians.  We were able to come to an acceptable option and I went ahead with my order.

It's too bad a year later they haven't been able to do anything by default for this.