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LOCAL backups

Testing the Beta cloud backups ( buggy...)


What I really need is the ability to simply and easily backup and restore VMs to LOCAL hardware (a normal local NAS for example)

I'll second that, but you can always SSH and snag the copy too.

Quote from John S on September 21, 2019, 7:24 am

I'll second that, but you can always SSH and snag the copy too.

can you elaborate on that, for the technically-challenged??

You can SSH into the box using applications such as Bitvise.  You'll be able via GUI to work your way through directories and download a backup of your stuff.  Keep in mind when you restore you'll have to register it with ZFS within the OS via SSH command line.  I haven't had to that in a while so I am not the right person to ask on the restore side.

There is a GUI to allow for the backups in Antman, but it is leaving me asking questions at the moment now that I have taken a moment to look at how to mount a NAS to use as a backup drive.