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Kali-2021 Beta - KVM template for nano available now!


The Kali-2021 Beta - KVM template for nano is available to download now.

Since this is a Beta product, you'll have to add Boot option in order to use the template.

Here are some instructions on how to add Boot option for Kali-2021 Beta - KVM for nano:

After you see the Shell> screen, type in: exit

Go to Boot Maintenance Manager.

Go to Boot Options.

Go to Add Boot Options.


Go to <EFI>.

Go to <kali>.

Go to grubaa64.efi.

For Input the description, type in: Boot to Kali.

Go to Commit Changes and Exit.

Go to Change Boot Order.

For Change the order, click enter.

Move down to Boot to Kali and keep pressing + until it gets to the top. Click on Enter.

Go to Commit Changes and Exit. Click on Esc.

Click on [F10] to save changes. Click on Y.

Click on Esc. Click on Continue.

We are currently working on way to create for this template to automatically boot.  You can use the instructions above in the mean time.


lancem has reacted to this post.

I am trying to complete an install for Kali 2021 Beta. I have created the VM but when I click start I get a process successful message but it doesn't change to running status. Should we be able to VNC into this VM after starting to complete the boot changes you mention above? In other words how do I get to the shell you mention?

Hi Steve:

On the nano, there is a delay after clicking on start for antMan to show running (but it should show up after few seconds).

Yes, you will need to connect  to the antlet by click on Console button near the antlet.

After that, you can follow the instructions above to add the boot options.

Uploaded files:
  • antlets_console.png

Daniel, thanks for the response. I am not getting the console button as my vm never shows the running state. I have tried rebooting the Antsle and still the machine never shows running although the Process Successful notification comes up briefly. Any suggestions on troubleshooting?

I just tried installing another Antlet (Unbuntu) with the same result. Pretty sure this means there is an issue with the nano, not the Kali antlet. I will pursue this through support. Thanks for your responses.

Hi Steve:

You can reach us at to open up support ticket.