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Import from other KVM/qcow2 systems

I have a VM which exists on another system.  However I'd like to put it into the Antsle/Edge System I have.  However it seems to require some fairly specific configuration be cared over not just the qcow2 file.  Would it be possible to have some method of importing the config files as well?  I did my best guess, but I'm not an expert in the .xml required for this.  The machine seems to start up but never gets past the boot logo.

Importing "the config files" is impossibly vague. What is the other system? Does it use libvirt or something else for configuration? What is the guest OS?

The symptom you describe is typically caused by the guest not having a driver for the type of disk controller you have configured.

I think this is a good feature that should be added.   An easy way to export then import into another environment.   Also utilities that can take a .vdmk or other format and convert and load.