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Import a VHDX as a template via ssh

Is there a way to import a template via ssh and how would you do it?


Thanks Dennis

I received a response from support and in the interest of closing the loop and helping others here is what was sent:

First create a zfs for the antlet
    zfs create antlets/_templates/TEMPLATE_NAME
Copy the vhdx to /antlets/_templates/TEMPLATE_NAME/
Convert the .vhdx to .qcow2
    qemu-img convert -f vhdx -O qcow2 image.vhdx TEMPLATE_NAME.qcow2
Delete or move the .vhdx
    mv image.vhdx /some/other/dir/
    rm image.vhdx
Create a snapshot named 'snap'
    zfs snapshot antlets/_templates/[email protected]
Create an xml Template
  cp /usr/local/antsleOS/xml/kvm-{Blank,TEMPLATE_NAME}.antlet.xml
If a Linux distro you can also try copying the kvm-Blank-virtio.antlet.xml
Just a heads up. Importing hyperV VMs seem to be the most finicky. Gen-1 is more likely to work than Gen-2.