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icons on vnc console missing

On the vnc console I am missing the icons. How do I fix this?

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Hi feraco:

Thanks for sharing this.

Yes, I'm able to recreate the issue on vnc console.

I'll generate defect ticket to report the issue.

any update on this? I'm seeing this as well.

Hi @troymeyer

I've updated the defect ticket and reached out to our developers about the issue.


Any update on this?

I just purchased and powered up my new Anstle and I'm also seeing these missing icons for VNC.



Hi @0k

Thanks for letting us know.

From testing in my lab, the issue is affected by browsers using the Chromium engine (such as Chrome and Edge).
When I was using Firefox, I didn't seem to have the issue.

Our developers are working on new version of edgeLinux and antMan (likely based on Debian) but we have no ETA at this time.

antsle Support

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Awesome, thanks!

I did try on my FF browser and you're right.

Going ahead I'm going to be using my FF browser instead.

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Hi @0k

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you,
antsle Support