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I Installed, but how do I login?

I did the installation successfully on Vmware ESXi, as per these instructions

yum update --exclude=kernel*
yum install epel-release
yum install ansible wget
tar -xzvf edgeLinux-2.0.0.tar.gz
cd edgeLinux-2.0.0
shutdown -r now

and if I login via ssh I can see
lsof -i -n -P | grep nginx
nginx 2905 root 6u IPv4 78374 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
nginx 2905 root 7u IPv6 78375 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
nginx 2906 nginx 6u IPv4 78374 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
nginx 2906 nginx 7u IPv6 78375 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
nginx 2907 nginx 6u IPv4 78374 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
But I cannot login via the web. I try and nothing, no response.
How do I actually use the software?



I am in the same boat. Using the hostname, IP address with port 3000 doesn't help either.

Are you able to ssh to the box using the userid setup during the install?

If so, is antman running?

service antman status

I don't have experience with other hardware and the edgeLinux install, but I think you can start it with:

service antman start

Antman is the web UI interface.


@falves11, the URL to the docs article changed :). Just moved to a new docs platform. Can you start at step 3 and let me know how it goes?


Part 3 would be the hardware registration process provided by you! How would the Activation of those who did not buy the hardware with you, just chose to download EdgeLinux and install their system in "Free" mode?



Does Part 3 apply to this modality? Edge Linux + antman? 

==> Install our Free Community Edition of antMan + edgeLinux on any server.

                                    Add in the advanced capabilities when needed. 



Hi @xtechusa,

I updated the docs to make it more clear. That third step does apply to the edgeLinux, software only installation. It registers the server with us and helps you access antMan. Either way, all the steps should be in this

So how does step 3 work when you have no serial number / Server ID?  When I log into my account (I already have an Antsle) and click on the button to activate, it's asking for the antsle serial number.  There doesn't seem to be an option to add an EdgeLinux installation.

Hi @andrewtraub,

During the beta, all edgeLinux installations get a new Serial Number (you can find it in the Settings section when on antMan).

Once we release the edgeLinux GA version, we will also provide a migration path for existing antsles, like yours.

antsles need to have a unique SN in order to be able to use antMan. If you're interested in moving your current SN to this new server, send us an email to [email protected] and we'll give you further instructions to do so.

I'm noticing it is not clear in the instructions, but you can access antMan after rebooting at: http://YOUR_IP:3000 or http://myantsle.local