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How to Use a VPN with edgelinux?

Guys i want to know??? just found out a post on how to use a vpn but couldn't find out what i need to know.

The same question I also asked how to use a VPN when bought a premium VPN  package from a website through  black friday coupon .  The customer support asked me a few questions for what purpose you want to buy. Do you use it personally or for business purposes and others?
They send me some videos and Pdf guidance  in which everything and every step is mentioned how to use VPN what you can use etc.

Are you wanting to setup a VPN on your server so you can access your local network while you are away?

If so, I used to use OpenVPN (on an LXC antlet using this link), but I recently switched to WireGuard.

You have to set it up on a KVM antlet (not LXC due to kernel updates).  I'm using Ubuntu 18.

I finally found a WireGuard client I can live with (TunSafe) at this link.

I'm using the server on 3 Antsles - Antsle One (Gentoo), Antsle One XD (CentOs), and an Antsle Nano (CentOS).

I'll admit it's noticeably faster than the OpenVPN antlets I was using.

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There may also be a powerful dual authentication combination of username/password + IP. In this case, the proxy will check your username, password, and output IP before authorizing you and allowing your traffic to pass through. If these conditions are not met, there is no way to connect to the proxy. I encountered this on proxies for brand monitoring, but the problem was solved quickly. When the server glitches, it means that the increased protection begins.