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How to run a hosting business built on Antsle.


Wondering if anyone knows of any resources/tutorials/guides on how to build a hosting business on top of Antsle.

Is it going to be hard? I bet it will, but I'm still curious.

Know anyone doing this with Antsle?

- Joe

The main thing in building a hosting business is choosing a high-quality platform.

We are a MSP in North Carolina. We just launched our first production use of Antsle as a local virtualization platform for one of our SMB healthcare clients. We are in the process of documenting our configuration and will post to the forum when it has been finalized. Our larger customers we use Nutanix/AHV however the economics left many of our smaller customers unable to justify the entry cost. So far the platform (Antsle XD) has been hosting up to 3 Windows based VMs and performance has been great. We plan to expand to other similar customers to replace the VMware instances already in place. Technical support (hardware and software) has been good although you don't get phone support.

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Running a hosting business on Antsle can be a great venture! While it might have its challenges, there are resources out there to help you out. You can start by checking out the Antsle community forums for tutorials and guides, and see if any users are already doing this.

Hi Joe. I'm new here, but I'd like to share my 2 cents in case someone still needs help here. As far as I know, Antsle has lots of resources and tutorials available on their website to get you started. Plus, there are plenty of experienced Antsle users who can offer you some tips and tricks. By the way, if you ever need help with mergers and acquisitions, there are experts out there. You can get expert consultancy on mergers and acquisitions. Just a thought. Hope still helps someone here.