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How to import macOS into an antlet

I know that antsle doesn't have any macOS templates, but the implication is that it can be done.  I downloaded a .vmdk image of Mojave Final APFS and created a custom template based on a blank KVM.  The antlet was successfully created.   I've allocated 16gb RAM, 80gb disk, 1 cpu on an ide bus.  When I attempt to start the antlet then open the VNC console there is a black command window looking box that says it is "Booting from Hard Disk...", but never gets any further.

Has anybody successfully created a macOS antlet?  And if so, how?

(I need this because I'm creating an iPhone app in Visual Studio 2017 and it needs to connect to a mac to do the build, and I don't have a standalone mac.)

Thanks in advance.


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  • mojave-boot-screen.jpg

Sure would be nice if somebody responded to this 🙂


Hey @pjhunter!
It is technically possible... but it is a lot of work and probably not worth it...

Here's why:
macOS is designed to only run on Apple computers, which means you'd need to configure your VM very carefully to make sure everything works as you would expect. Then, you'd require a special boot loader (i.e. clover), probably special kernel extensions (kexts) for macOS, etc...

Unfortunately, even though I think it's a pretty interesting project, it's most likely a break of Apple's EULA and possibly a few copyright laws - so you will want to be aware of those factors you proceed. And Antsle wouldn't be able to provide instructions.

Here is one project which may be interesting, though:

Best of luck!

Hey @mpbaum

Thanks for the follow-up.  It's probably worth attempting it.  I'm sure I'll learn something from the effort.  I'll let you know how it turns out.