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How to Enable Transparency Effects on your Windows Antlets


While working with my Windows antlets, I had noticed that the transparency effects seem to have been disabled.  I had noticed the difference in working with some of my Windows physical PC's running Windows 11 with full transparency effeects.

While looking into this issue, I came across an article from TheWindowsClub going over this very topic below:

Transparency Effects not working in Windows 11/10

I looked into Change Registry Settings section and made change below:

Right-click on any empty space, and select DWORD (32-bit) Value. Now, name it “ForceEffectMode”, and set the Value data to 2.

You will need to restart your antlet for changes to take place, but after that the transparency effects were enabled!  I have tested with Win11StdGui and Win10StdGui templates.  See sample screenshots below.

Thank you,
antsle Support

Uploaded files:
  • win11_transparency_01.jpg
  • win10_transparency_02.jpg

Thanks @daniel-luck ! Great tip just tried it.


thank you.



Hi @danielgalvan

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Thank you,
antsle Support