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How to add virtual NIC to Windows?

Brand new Antsle owner here - just set up my first antlet, a Windows 10 machine.  I want to get this on the external network but I'm having trouble.  I added a virtual NIC in antMan, but the new network adapter is not showing up in Windows.  If I go to the Device Manager, I do see a device called "Ethernet Controller" with a yellow exclamation point in "Other Devices".  What do I need to do?

Did you add the virtual NIC specifying the virtio driver (which I think it there as default) or e1000 (which you have to change before adding the NIC)?

I suspect you added it with the virtio driver, but those drivers aren't install in Windows, so it doesn't know how to use it.

This link:

Will download the latest stable virtio drivers for Windows 10 as an ISO.

You can attach import it as a virtual drive (be sure to select IDE and use as CD ROM) (and restart the Windows antlet).

Then, you can right-click the network item in the device manager, update driver, and point it to this CDROM in the Windows antlet.

You can also update the driver for the Display adapter to the Virtio driver.

As I read my response, a simpler option would be to remove the virtual NIC, then re-add it and select the e1000 driver.

However, from what I've read on the internet (so it must be true), the performance of the virtio drivers are supposed to be better.

There are drivers for the display, NICs, hard drive, and a memory "baloon" driver.

I have created a virtual network interface card (NIC) in antMan, but Windows is not recognizing it. In "Other Devices" of Device Manager, there is an item labeled "Ethernet Controller" with a yellow warning triangle.



Hi @anyonepeach

Can you let us know if you are using any of our Windows templates?
The "StdGui" templates should have VirtIO drivers pre-installed (such as Win10StdGui and Win11StdGui).

Thank you,
antsle Support

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