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"Home Lab" concerns

Well... Since this thread is six months old and NONE of the issues have been addressed, and I think in some cases are worse.

What I would have liked to have seen are things like easy notifications of newer releases.  I am constantly having to dig thru the forums and such looking for the latest versions of antman.. etc...   The "alert" bell has been nothing more than a glorified advertising notification.   The old version at least showed you if there was an available update.

Also..KEEP you 10G of cloud. I think we all agree it's basically useless. But why don't we have access to the integrated LOCAL backup feature.  ALL devices should have free local backups.  When I questioned them, they were like "develop your own scripts, it is just zfs after all" .  Why should we have too?

I spent a lot of money on overpriced hardware with high expectations of the software.  I am at the point where I might just give up and repurpose the hardware with something else.

Any thoughts on the lack of concern from the company about our expectations?


I feel your pain. 🙂

I am a big fan of Antsle, but it seems like they've lost their way in the effort to be profitable. Like you, I kept hoping that many of the things we brought up would be addressed. Antsle seemed like they cared, and wanted to listen, and would improve. I even had a great hour+ conversation on the phone with a couple of folks, and was very encouraged by that.

However, all that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Antman 2.0 came out, and it's great and awesome, but there's nothing terribly new there. I was hoping that the pricing models would change, or that we'd get *useful* features out of the different plans, but it's really just wrapping up a pig in fancy clothes and trying to pass it off as a puppy. 10GB is, as you say, essentially an insult. I do all of my backups via Opsmate and I get 25GB for $10/month. 10GB won't even cover some small corner of my Antsles. And it's certainly not enough to justify the cost of the higher plans.

And now they're focused on the Nano, which is really cool and sexy, but has zero practical applications. All that effort spent marketing the Nano, talking about how cool it is (yes, it is), and you're basically getting a Pi4 for $500, and hope that you can run reasonably well on it that your homebrew stuff will perform, or that your IT department won't laugh at you.

It's just not working for me. Antsle is going in one direction, and I'm going in another. I keep hanging on with impassioned hope that we can be best friends again, but it doesn't seem like that's where it's headed. I have already re-purposed one of my boxes, and am about to start taking apart my physical Antsle and find another use for it. I just don't think they care about us any longer. We're not relevant to their plans.

It's sad. I'm sad.