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High Ram usage

I am running 3 VM and the ram usage is not inline with allocated memory on each VM. Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Good question @faisal. It's because it's being used as a cache to speed up the read and write speeds of your antlets. You can check this for more details:

Thank you for the response @ddmscott

Well the arc cache is not releasing the required memory to run additional antlets as I get the message of oversubscribed ram on the top right corner.

@faisal, I see.

How much RAM do you have in your server how much RAM is in the antlet you're trying to start?

I have total 40 GB.

The three antlets that are currently running are configured to have 4GB, 4GB, 4GB. It says it is using 95% of the 40GB.

I have tried to run an antlet that is configured to use 4GB ram and another one that is configured to use 8GB ram and they both return message saying you are oversubscribing.

I have also discovered, if I restart the server and not run any antlet, after a few hours the ram utilization goes to around 40% -50% without any antlets running. That is around 20GB ram just being used by base edgelinux.

I'm curious what happens to the RAM if you stop the anthilld service on the antsle?

service anthilld stop


No Change. Ram usage is still at 95% usage

The three VMs memory usage

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Any ideas?


I am having similar issue. I have a 64 GB Antsle with 512 GB m.2. Four antlets are running with memory allocated 2 (Ubuntu KVM), 4 (Windows Server 2008 KVM), 2 (Debian LXC), 2 (Debian LXC). The dashboard is showing 66% memory used. If I start up more antlets I will quickly run into the oversubscribed ram error. My ram always has oddly showed as 68 GB.