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Help! An Antlet Maxed out the Disk

One of my antlets seems to have lost its mind last night and maxed out the storage.  Everything in/antlets is showing 100% usage.  The situation is so bad I cannot even login to Antman web interface.  I'm in an SSH session, but I don't know how to resolve the situation.  I figure the best plan of action is clean up some templates, or even drop one of the Antlets entirely...mostly testing stuff I can destroy if needed.

However I don't know what is safe to destroy or how to safely destroy it from the SSH session.

Error: 500

antMan was unable to complete your request.

This could have happened because of resources running out in your antsle. Please check your disk and/or RAM usage.

I'm having the same issue.  I can't even connect via putty.  Is there anybody having the same issue and how they have solve this?  I contacted support Friday and have not hear from any body and it's Monday afternoon already.

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Same problem here. I only have 3 antlets and they are using minimal space. It's something else, but I can't get anything to start up.

i had to pay for a month of premium support to get anywhere. slowly but surely i getting there. Seems that docker for me isnt properly set up up with ZFS. Docker consumed all my free space, to the point I can't even run a package update. Now I have to get an external USB working to try to save my containers before starting all over. Hopefully sorted out soon.

I run into the same issue. I can SSH and verify this is not a missing resources issues (plenty of free space and RAM). This started after upgrading to the latest OS (I think it was 10.c or something similar). If anyone has any idea what to do with this buggy product, please share!

This just happened to me about 20 minutes ago. Digging in to see what's up. Trying to use the API for /api/antlets and I am seeing a Java error returned:

"type": "unknown-exception",
"class": "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError"

The following recommendation from Antsle support resolved my issue (zpool is full, removing templates resolved the issue):

Please try to run the upgrade again and double check that you are installing antMan 0.10.0c.

If this continues to persist:
It usually means the zpool or the root partition is full.

To check the zpools run

zpool list

The CAP column show the percent full and the FREE column the free space.

If the antlets zpool is full or nearly full, I would first try to remove any unused templates. An unused
template is a template from which no antlet has been created.
You can see the list of templates with

ll /antlets/_templates

To remove a template use

zfs destroy -r antlets/_templates/TEMPLATENAME

Note, there is no leading '/' in the path.
This will error if an existing antlet is dependent on the template.
If you get a 'data set is busy' error, then remove the directory first then run the zfs destroy again.

rm -rf /antlets/_templates/Win2016zfs destroy -r antlets/_templates/Win2016

Next if there are any antlets you can delete we can remove those. Here is a guide on removing antlets from the command line:

If the root '/' partition is full we can check for large files with

find / xdev -type f -size +300M

Not sure if this constitutes being Full:

addon    1.81T  38.5G  1.77T         -     7%     2%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
antlets   222G   215G  6.94G         -    52%    96%  1.00x  ONLINE  -

your antlets CAP is 96% full so looks like it might be the same issue. I would try to delete 1-2 templates/antlets and see if you still experience this issue.

Fixed all of these items. The error is now just on installing 0.10.0c at antman license step. Opened a ticket as it's a Java error according to logs.