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Help Accessing Server

After another split second power outage, my Antsle is running with the HDD LED steady lit. I cannot access the server via my browser but can access it locally via a monitor and keyboard set up. I went into the BIOS setup and saved without making changes and booted back up, as this worked previously but now the same thing.

I can SSH via putty but don't know how to troubleshoot from there.

Interesting when I ping from my local computer to the .local address I am not receiving an IP address as the reply from, but this fe80::ae1f:6bff:fe43:b6f0%7: time<1ms

How can I fix my server to get it operational again?



Hi jeff, I'm having the same problem when I'm abroad for some reason. I wonder if it's because of proxy usage, because only thing I do different is to use a VPN when I'm abroad. Maybe servers don't recognize your identity if you are using a proxy or something like that. I'm going to my flat in Greece in two months so I can try to connect without it and inform you if it will clarify the situation for you.