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Heat dissipation

I haven't setup my Antsle yet (in transit), but wanted to prepare my location beforehand.

I assume that since the case dissipates the heat, I should leave some space around (and on top of) the case?

I was considering placing my switch on top of the Antsle, but am thinking I should leave the top clear in case it gets too hot.

this thing gets super hot to the point its hard to put your hand on it. the case is the heatsink, so it needs the air around it.

I thought so.


I am in the same boat, I have 3 Ones on the way. Looking to know how much spacing between them and if horizontal or vertical placement matters.

Personally, I leave about 2 - 3 inches around mine and I don't put anything above it.

I don't feel any heat hovering my hand over it, but touching it is a different story.

Also, I haven't noticed any effect on my painted wooden shelf the unit sits on.

If I had multiple units at one location, I wouldn't stack them.

And if using stacked shelves, I'd probably leave 6 inches above each unit.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the internal temperatures (according to the sensors accessible via the IPMI interface).


I was planning on placing 3 units on their sides about 2" apart but wasn't sure if thermal dissipation is affected by server orientation (vertical or horizontal). @lancem thanks for the reply.

Here is how mine are set. Roughly 1/2 inch between the Antsle Units.  Both are in use 24/7.  The left hand unit is my production unit that is hosting 5 webservers, a fileserver, DVR for my Security Cameras, VPN server. The right hand unit is my test environment that is a full backup of the production unit, ready to go at the flip of a switch. Plus it serves a couple windows 7 desktops needed for my podcasts.

Using a cooking thermometer, set between the ribs of the case... The production unit sits around 90-94 degrees F.  The TestEnv sits around 90 degrees F. Since this is my office, there is a small fan that circulates air around the room.

The temps I get when looking at IPMI

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  • ProdEnv_Temps.jpg
  • TestEnv_Temps.jpg

@spollock thanks for the reply. It looks like vertical with 1-3" between is the way to go from a space perspective.