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FreedomCast #16 Not Working

I was looking at FreedomCast#16 I followed the instructions but my logo is not showing up on the logon screen, not sure what I am doing wrong? Do I need to reboot the whole server?


Thank You


Hi @cwodrsret

No you should not need to reboot the server. You should just need to refresh the browser.

is your png in the /etc/antsleOS/company/ directory correct? Is the png named logo.png?

Ok that was the problem, the file name has to be logo.png, after renaming it the logo appeared! Appreciate the point in the right direction Will!


Glad I could help 🙂

I like the size of the default EdgeLinux Logo, what is that .png size so I can make mine the same size, or better yet tell where it's at and I can look at it myself!


Best dimensions for the company logo are 178x75