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Failed to restore Cloud Antlet

Due to this error, I reinstalled edgeLinux 2.0.  I attempted to restore one of my cloud antlets via the heal antlets function. The function appeared to work; however, it did not show up on my antlets screen. So I went back and retried (see screenshot1) and got the error shown (see screenshot2)

Is there any documentation on what is going on behind the scenes here that I can clean this up?

Uploaded files:
  • Screen-Shot-2020-07-15-at-15.13.21.png
  • Screen-Shot-2020-07-15-at-15.06.24.png

@tishihtzu  I had something similar with LXC antlets and I needed to define them in Antman.  I think it would be similar for KVM antlets ...

Using the Console, check in the /antlets directory for a folder with the name of the restored antlet... verify the content is there.
also do "zfs list" and make sure the antlet is listed there.


to get antlet into antman:

virsh -c lxc:/// define /antlets/ANTLET_NAME/antlet-libvirt.xml   (LXC)

virsh -c define /antlets/ANTLET_NAME/antlet-libvirt.xml  (KVM)

@spollock I guess I have to do some research on virsh...

The /antlets are there and 'zfs list' shows them as well.

virsh errors out though:

[email protected]:~ # virsh -c define /antlets/earswp/antlet-libvirt.xml
error: unknown command: '/antlets/earswp/antlet-libvirt.xml'

I tried adding a connect string (for the -c) with no luck either.

[email protected]:~ # virsh -c qemu:/// define /antlets/earswp/antlet-libvirt.xml
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
error: internal error: unexpected QEMU URI path '/', try qemu:///system

And finally:

[email protected]:~ # virsh -c qemu:///system define /antlets/earswp/antlet-libvirt.xml
error: Failed to define domain from /antlets/earswp/antlet-libvirt.xml
error: Cannot check QEMU binary /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64: No such file or directory

I can see that I really do not know what I am doing here. I bought the Antsle to as it wrapped all of this for me. Any suggestions on a good virsh reference?

I use this site:

If it's a KVM antlet, try it without the -c:

virsh define {xmlfile}

If it's an LXC:

virsh -c lxc:/// {xmlfile}

@tishihtzu @lancem (thanks)

OMG he's correct, apologies. I messed that up!