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Example of provisioning antlet with vagrant

At work, I can invoke a vagrant command and it will spin up an AWS instance at a static IP, provision it if necessary, and give me ssh access.

Has anyone written a script to programmatically spin up an antlet with a set configuration?

For example, I have seen videos that Jeff Potts has done and I believe he uses it to spin up instances of Alfresco in specific versions, but I have not seen a script to do that.

I don't have an example, but I'm looking at the same problem.  It looks like antsle can import a linux container, so I think you would have a vagrant script configure an LXC and then import it as a template?  That would be a PITA in to debug or update tho.

Personally, I'd love some vagrant support and/or support for having docker based containers show up in antman.  (That may be fixed, last time I tried (when i bought my antsle in Sept), it didn't work.)

My company is thinking about getting a few antsles (antslpodes? antslii?) for our developers, and this is one of the hang ups.

@hughdbrown: This can be done using the REST API. Currently it experimental, but we have a new release in the works to publish the stable 1.0 version of the API, which is actually coming in the next few days.

@rob1: Full docker support in antMan is also in our roadmap, but still has not been planned for any release. Glad to hear from you, it helps us prioritize and plan further releases!

That would be a PITA in to debug or update tho.