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Error upgrading to antMan 3.4.3. You are not subscribed to upgrade.

If you are running 0.13.x or earlier and getting a failure to upgrade antMan, then try downloading the new version of antMan from your account in the Downloads page.
Copy the file to your antsle using scp or an sftp client like Filezilla (
Then on the antsle's command line, extract the file
    tar -xzf antman-X.X.X-x86_64.tar.gz
CD into the new directory
    cd antman-x.x.x-x86_64
and run the installer

Is that antsleOS 0.13.x or earlier?

Yes, its the older Gentoo based OS.
0.13.x was compiled for the antsle One model Ds. The antsle One and XDs last Gentoo based version was 0.12.1.