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Downgrade Antman

Does anyone know how to downgrade antman?  Mine has been reloading ever since upgrading to 0.11.X.

You can downgrade by running upgrade-antman X.X.X in this case you can run upgrade-antman 0.10.0

Thanks Will - is it possible to know what the available versions of 10 are?  Perhaps i can downgrade to a more recent version than 0.10.0 - I have asked your colleague in support how to find what version I was on before the upgrade (if there is an upgrade history).

Thanks again to both of you!

You can rollback to letter versions by just adding that to the upgrade command. For example: upgrade-antman 0.11.1a

So what are the available versions in 10 to upgrade to?  I did 0.10.0 and I think I got 0.10.0c, are there more recent versions in the 0.10.X train?

I believe there is a 0.10.0d but the changes will be very minor.