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Detachable CD-ROM/Drives

Can we please have a detachable CD-ROM drives and even virtual disks?  I imagine most people will have a repository of ISOs and the Anstle software "Import Disk" function will copy the ISO to another location then remove the source.  This makes it impossible to use a readonly source ISO.  It would be nice just to specify a mount location where ISOs are located then attach the ISO.

Hi HappyBuzzCut:

antMan currently supports importing virtual disk and cd-roms by file upload and path.

I make copy of ISO or disk before importing as it will delete after importing.


I have a library of cdrom iso images (various versions of Windows install ISOs, a urbackup recovery CD, virtio drivers, et al).

I also created a "blank CD-ROM ISO" (called blank-cdrom.iso)

I made a copy of it called "cdrom.iso" and imported it into each of my antlets as a CD-ROM.

Then, when I need to "switch CDs", I just manually copy the appropriate ISO over the antlet's "cdrom.iso" (via command line) and reboot the antlet.

So it's a one-time setup of a CD-ROM iso for each antlet, but I can overwrite any antlet's "cdrom.iso" with whatever ISO I want.

Uploaded files:

Hi LanceM:

Thanks for sharing the useful info!