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Degraded Raid 1 on Antsle

I recently received a message that one of my SSD (Crucial 500GB) had failed so the system ZPool was degraded. I have since replaced the drive with a Samsung 870 500GB SSD.

My question is, how do I restore the mirror? Is it command line through SSH?

Hi @omnisolutionsagency:

Here is some troubleshooting steps fore replacing drive, sata cables and for resilvering the zpool:

It is worth replacing the SATA cable first as we have seen it fix a 'DEGRADED' drive. {{only for degraded HDD}}

'zpool status hdd' will tell you which drive is degraded.
To get sn# of degraded/faulted drive - sdb in this example

udevadm info --query=all --name=/dev/sdb |grep ID_SERIAL

The serial number can be found on the physical HDDs label... Replace the physical drive
To start the resilver process (re-mirror) run

zpool replace addon /dev/sdb

You can watch the resilver process with 'zpool status hdd'.
The 'old' drive will disappear when the resilvering is complete

If replacing the SATA cables, the motherboard needs to be removed
To open the antsle remove the four feet and the two screws on the front and rear edge of the bottom panel.
Remove the rear panel four screws, one in each corner. This will make it easier to reinstall the motherboard.
The motherboard has eight screws, one in each corner and four in the center plate which hold the CPU to the heat sink.
You will probably want to clean the old thermal paste from the CPU and heatsink and apply new thermal paste if dried up.
Be careful removing the motherboard as the front panel wires are just long enough to let you flip the motherboard over and place it just out side the case. It can be helpful to have a fat book next to the case to lay the motherboard on.

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