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Dashboard for extra ants under AntMan shows only the main ants Private IP

So I experimented with adding my two extra nanos to be accessible from the Antman of the first Nano.

Pretty cool, I can now select any of my three nanos from the web interface of the first nano's antman.

I can also select an ALL view to see all of my antlets across all three nanos.

Problem is that the dashboard of each of the other nanos does not show their Private IP on the dashbaord, it always shows the IP of my first nano.

It also seems that when I select the 2nd or 3rd nano, and then any item in the System menu, for example "Port Forwarding" the title at top of the screen shows the correct nano ("nano3 / Port Forwarding"), but then shows the details for the port forwarding of the first nano1, not nano3

While nano2 or nano3 is selected, choosing System -> console puts me in the console of the nano1.

Also, I am not sure how, but I ended up see the antlets on the dashboard for a different antlet than I had selected. A refresh of the browser fixed this, and I didnt see that happen again.  But I now recommend if you have similarly named antlets across multiple nanos, it may be good to include the number of the home nano in the antlet to be absolutely sure which nano's antlet you are looking at.