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Created Docker containers are not showing up in antMan

We have created 4 docker containers on our Antsle device and they are running as expected.  The issue is that we are not able to see antlets in antMan.  Is there something we need to do to have them displayed/managed in antMan?

Hi Michael,

Managing docker containers in with a GUI is a pretty big project in and of itself. You can run docker on edgeLinux but we don't support managing them in antMan. What you can do is use install it on an antlet and use it to manage docker containers in that antlet.

Hope this helps.

@ddmscott is that a feature currently on the road map?

@rstovall - It's one of the options for us to focus on over the next 3-6 months.

@ddmscott is there a way to install portainer on antMan? I tried to install it but can't reach the webgui on port 9000 using the antManIP:9000.

Do you need to portmap it?

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