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Couple of issues with NoVNC

I have been working hard on a antlet running ubuntu.

Some issues:

  1.   When debugging in netbeans you push alt-enter to see some fixes or hints.   When I do this the antlet gets stuck in a mode where I cannot click on the editor and change things.   At first I thought this was a netbeans issue but I cannot click anywhere in the antlet unless I push control and then click.   If I close the antlet and open it the issue goes away.
  2. While editing a form in netbeans a label I was naming started accepting a space and didn't stop.  I could not stop a space from being put into the editor.  Closed NoVNC and reopened it and the issue was gone.
  3. When the screen saver comes on the antlet becomes very slow and eventually locks up.   I have to FORCE STOP to get it going again.  A log into the system via SSH and a shutdown command does not shut it off.

I am running on windows 10 and a newer laptop (Dell G3) and firefox 63.0.1

Any thoughts?