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Could not zfs clone for antlet - removing antlet via command line

You may get an error message 'Could not zfs clone for antlet <antlet_name>' when creating a new antlet if a zfs file system exists with the same name.  This may happen if a previously deleted antlet (with the same name) was not removed properly.

An antlet is made of three basic parts: an xml definition, a zfs file system, and its directory and files.

To view your antlets and status run

virsh list --all
virsh -c lxc:/// list --all

for lxc antlets use the '-c lxc:///' option
So to stop an antlet you can use

virsh shutdown ANTLET_NAME
virsh -c lxc:/// shutdown ANTLET_NAME

'shutdown' is a graceful shutdown. Use 'destroy' to force the shutdown (like pulling the plug).

To remove the antlet xml use

virsh undefine ANTLET_NAME --managed-save
virsh -c lxc:/// undefine ANTLET_NAME --managed-save

And remove zfs file system:
find the zfs path with

zfs list

The path should mimic the directory path.
Remove the file system with

zfs destroy path/ANTLET_NAME

Note: there is no leading '/' in the zfs path

If you get a 'Data set busy' error, then you may need to remove the directory first

rm -rf  /antlets/ANTLET_NAME

replace /antlets/ with the path to your antlet

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