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Connect to LXC instance via VNC?

is it possible to run a GUI on an LXC antsle or is a KVM antsle required?  If I run virsh list, I only see instances running as KVM and I'm therefore confused as to how to obtain the vncdisplay port to try and connect to.

LXCs don’t have a graphical environment so you unfortunately can't connect to the LXC instance via VNC. You can see the LXC antlets listed out in virsh with this command however: `virsh -c lxc:/// list --all`

You would need to run a VNC server in the LXC instance, something like tightvnc for example. The antMan GUI won't know about it though so you'd have to run a separate client on your PC to connect.

I do something similar, using xrdp in a Debian LXC so I can access a Linux desktop using the Windows remote desktop protocol.

You can also get a text console on an LXC by using "virsh -c lxc:/// console name-of-lxc". Use ctrl-] (control-right-bracket) to exit.