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Changed ip address to static cannot access anymore

I tried changing the IP address on the Antsle to a static IP address. Now I cannot get to it anymore. When I ping the new (static) or the old (dynamic) I get no response.

I have a monitor and keyboard connected to the Antsle and can log into it. Ifconfig shows interface br0 has the static IP address I assigned...but I cannot ping or connect to the Antsle using it.
I was able to access it via my <antslename> url.
When I did, the antsle restarted, reset itself with the old IP address and now it is working.
HOWEVER, when I restarted, the computer stopped during the boot up process with a message that says:
S.M.A.R.T.Status Bad, Backup and Replace.
Press F1 to Resume...

After pressing F1 it continues to boot and all seems to be working fine.